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Make the end user live the same experience of a physical location, without having to open a new branch.

You can be present wherever you need, even in the most remote places of the territory, without moving your employees.

Discover Digital Humanity!

Digital Humanity

The new era of counter service

Sportello Remoto 4.0 is a patented system that allows for extensive territorial coverage and improved service quality and performance, all while drastically reducing costs.

In fact, each operator, whether from the central office or working remotely, can simultaneously manage multiple low-traffic peripheral locations.

Unlike old totems, Counter 4.0 is completely innovative because it maintains human interaction as if one were present in person.

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The evolution of Sportello Remoto

Sportello Remoto 4.0 is not your typical kiosk.

Its aim is to make the user experience as human as possible, through and through.

Riproduci video

To achieve this, our research team carefully studies every aspect to make video presence easy, accessible, and welcoming.

The goal?

To reach the most remote places
WITHOUT opening new branches.

Mappa dell'Europa
Ubicazione degli Sportelli Remoti 4.0 in Europa
Ubicazione degli Sportelli Remoti 4.0 in Europa

You can be present from the most isolated village to the big city.

Ideal for those who serve customers at counters

If your business operates in one of these sectors, you can save approximately 40% on costs.


Sportello Remoto 4.0 can be hosted in any small office, ensuring full access to services and improved service timing.

Banks and
Credit Institutions

Sportello Remoto 4.0 streamlines all banking operations, both routine and special, thanks to real-time document exchange and POS systems.

Private Tax
Collection Companies

Sportello Remoto 4.0 allows you to maintain a local presence, meeting tender standards while improving service.

Gas and

Sportello Remoto 4.0 ensures personalized and effective customer support while preventing energy waste.


Sportello Remoto 4.0 allows for real-time management of all customer requests, thanks to its control panel.

Public Consulting

Sportello Remoto 4.0 retains the human experience of "one-on-one" consulting and allows you to manage new locations without hiring.


Provides direct and complete access to public services, ensuring reduced waiting times and smoother management of citizen requests.

Regional Provincial Offices

Supports the offices in delivering more satisfactory citizen services and optimizing the use of administrative resources.

Cut out Hidden Costs of managing peripheral locations

Costs go far beyond staff salaries, and in low-traffic locations, they often become prohibitive. However, offering the service is essential.

Practical examples of hidden costs.

Save approximately 40% with Sportello Remoto 4.0

Each operator can manage multiple low-traffic peripheral locations simultaneously.

Either from the central office or while working remotely.

How does Sportello Remoto 4.0 work?

01. Counter Technology

What can a user do when seated at Remote Sportello 4.0?

Dettaglio dello Sportello Remoto 4.0 installato in una banca
Entrata di una filiale di banca gestita con Sportello Remoto 4.0

02. Office Management

Sportello Remoto 4.0 is fully self-sufficient in office management.

03. Security

Developed in collaboration with Axio S.r.l.
You can view the final document by clicking on the badge.

Dettaglio dello Sportello Remoto 4.0 installato in una banca

What if a user doesn't want to go to the counter?

04. ReWeb Application

The counter comes directly to your home, but with the same operator as always.

Some companies that have chosen Sportello Remoto 4.0

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They have talked about us

La Repubblica

The technology that addresses the emergency

The innovation, cutting-edge technology and security that define Sportello Remoto 4.0 have attracted the attention of many customers and notable publications…

Awards won

Confindustria of Salerno

Second edition of "Paperless & Digital Awards"

Secretel Service Srl received the award for its patented technology, which contributed to the realization of Poste Italiane’s “Progetto Polis”.

About us

Testimonials from our customers...

Manuela Marchi di Solori - Testimonianza su Sportello Remoto 4.0

Manuela Marchi



"Secretel Service is our cutting-edge and secure technological partner."

Secretel Service is an innovative and reliable partner for us in the technological field.

Thanks to them, we’ve deployed three remote counters that enable users to carry out the same tasks they used to perform in person with our operators.

I want to thank Secretel for helping us bring our entire company up to code, thereby ensuring the utmost safety for both our citizens and employees.

Thank you!

Alessio Sorio di Gruppo Setra - Testimonianza su Sportello Remoto 4.0

Alessio Sorio

Gruppo Setra


"Secretel Service has solved critical issues for us; we are loyal customers."

Secretel Service has solved critical issues for us; we are loyal customers.” I first encountered Secretel Service and their offerings in 2005 when we moved to this location. Mr. Iannelli introduced me to new technologies that allow for cost optimization and reduction.

The innovation in their service and the work methodology we were accustomed to initially slowed down our integration processes.

Thanks to the services provided by Secretel, we’ve resolved some long-standing issues common to small and medium-sized businesses like ours.

We’re not looking back. Secretel Service continually supports us with top-notch content, ensuring that we, and our clients, can strengthen our ongoing business relationships.

Cristina Capitani di LPS Broker Verona - Testimonianza su Sportello Remoto 4.0

Cristina Capitani

LPS Broker Verona


"With Secretel Service, we've improved our communication."

In 2007, we met Mr. Franco Iannelli, who was introduced to us by a colleague from Brescia who had been using this service for some time.

After discussing the challenges we faced in managing communication across various locations, they introduced us to a service that could help. We liked the project because it was technological, professional, and cost-effective.

With Secretel Service, we found a well-prepared partner. Through the services and technologies they provided, we’ve managed to organize our communications and secretarial tasks effectively.

Despite initial uncertainties related to the new organizational vision and technology, we were able to immediately focus on meeting our clients’ needs without suffering from our initial lack of experience. I can say that we’ve achieved our goal.

Antonio Varrone di Confindustria Molise - Testimonianza su Sportello Remoto 4.0

Antonio Varrone

Confindustria Molise


"Thanks to Secretel Service, we've cut costs and improved efficiency."

I got to know Secretel Service through a project initiated by the Chamber of Commerce of Campobasso a few years ago.

It was a truly opportune moment because this contact with Secretel Service led us to technological opportunities and service savings that we found very interesting.

Thanks to the services offered by Secretel Service, we’ve achieved significant cost savings.

Our relationship with Secretel Service has also developed through other service channels they offer, bringing us economic benefits and, above all, efficiency in the services rendered and assistance provided at any time of the day. This has been absolutely efficient and satisfying for our entire association.

Roberto Zampieri di Progetto Serena - Testimonianza su Sportello Remoto 4.0

Roberto Zampieri

Progetto Serena


"Secretel Service is the heart of our successful project."

Project Serene Onlus has been fortunate to have the support of Secretel Service.

Secretel Service has been a real springboard for us, as the help and support they’ve provided from the beginning have made our project truly significant.

What I can say is that Secretel Service is not just a company, it’s a company with a heart.

This is very important because finding such significant commercial entities that also have a big heart means succeeding where we would otherwise face enormous challenges.

Thanks to Secretel Service, we’ve been able to better implement our project.

Nicola Sorio di SGS - Testimonianza su Sportello Remoto 4.0

Nicola Sorio



"We are partners with Secretel Service, leaders in technology and dynamism."

I met Secretel Service a few years ago when my company needed services like those they offer.

After several years as a customer, I decided to enter into a partnership with Secretel Service. I believe that Secretel Service is a top-tier company, a leader in its sector because it is dynamic and always up-to-date with new technologies, allowing it to have a presence both nationally and internationally.

To date, we have begun the installation of a Remote Counter that allows companies and public entities to maintain their representative services in the territory despite the closure of various branches or peripheral offices.

I recommend the services of Secretel Service to everyone as I have had a good experience, and even my clients are satisfied to date.

What benefits does Sportello Remoto 4.0 offer me?

35% of Italian users do not use online services and still go exclusively to the counter.


Ensure interaction with a real operator for customers who do not use online tools.


Maintain a presence in geographically disadvantaged areas.


Does not disrupt the perception of customers who need to physically go to the branch.


Counteract the phenomenon of abandonment due to physical distance from the bank branches.


Optimize personnel costs by using a group of operators to oversee a larger number of remote points.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The Remote Desk 4.0 is not a totem.

Its technology is designed to maintain the human experience in every aspect and, above all, to be simple and easily accessible to everyone, unlike kiosks that are complex and cumbersome.

Yes, the software license and warranty have a minimum duration of 24 months.

In the monthly rental fee, you get:

  • the management system,
  • the necessary servers,
  • the structure,
  • the connection,
  • remote and on-site support,
  • insurance against acts of vandalism,
  • any necessary software updates.

It is entirely customizable, except for the central block (TV and the right column with cc poses).

Yes, it can be installed anywhere.

It only requires these two prerequisites:

  • a stable data connection,
  • and it must be indoors.

It can be connected to the company CRM via dedicated Web APIs.

Sportello Remoto 4.0 has its own system to optimize multiple desks across multiple locations with a single operator and includes SMS alerts.

However, it can be integrated with the most common systems on the market, such as Solari, Viacoda, and others. New integrations are constantly being added.

The system remains autonomous for approximately 30 minutes with its internal UPS.

It has a 4G data backup.

About Us

Logo Secretel Service Srl

Secretel Service was founded in 2002 based on an idea by Franco Iannelli with the goal of making the concept of the “ideal secretary” replicable and industrialized.

Today, we are a well-established presence in the field of technology and telecommunications in Italy and Switzerland.

We offer innovative Personal Secretary and Remote Switchboard services dedicated to professionals and businesses. Additionally, we install and rent IP Telephone Exchanges.

Our experience gained from working closely with major players has allowed us to specialize in the field of Corporate Telecommunications.

Our certifications:

We continuously strive to strengthen the quality function of the services offered and provide our clients with a dynamic, powerful, efficient, and, above all, up-to-date secretarial service.

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Company affiliated with the Confindustria system

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ISO 9001 certified company since 2002

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